Alfa-Plam is the leading manufacturer of heating appliances in Serbia and it is one of the largest five manufacturers in Europe. The start of Alfa-Plam’s operation dates back to 1948, when a company named "Metalac" was founded in Vranje. Today, this company has more than 800 employees and reaches an annual production of 160,000 product units.

Tradition, quality and durability are the main features of the Alfa-Plam’s product range.

The product range consists of six technical and technological entities:

• Solid fuel cookers

• Solid fuel stoves and fireplaces

• Central heating cookers, stoves and fireplaces

• Pellet cookers, stoves and boilers

• Electric and combined cookers and hot plates

• Gas stoves.

Long years of experience in the manufacture of heating appliances and the expertise of its employees enable this Company to market products of top quality and modern design. The products meet the strict requirements for marketing in the EU in terms of operational safety and maximum utilization of energy sources. Alfa-Plam markets its products on the domestic market (around 35%) and on the European markets (around 65%). The major export markets are the former Yugoslav republics (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Croatia), then Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, Italy, Spain and Austria.

Developing a palette of products whose operation is based on the utilization of renewable energy sources, Alfa-Plam wants to meet the needs of all consumers who follow trends and take into consideration the environmental protection requirements. The Company has been manufacturing solid fuel heating appliances since 1968. The pellet programme production started in 2008.