Alfa-Plam is the leading manufacturer of heating devices in Serbia and is among the top 5 producers in Europe. Company started operating in 1948. when "Metalac" was founded in Vranje.
FOS Surdulica joined Alfa-Plam in 2018. FOS is producing boilers for Alfa-Plam’s central heating stoves and cookers.
Alfa-Plam is employing around 1000 people today, including FOS and has an annual production of 180.000 product units.
Tradition, quality and durability are main characteristic of Alfa-Plam’s product assortment.
Product assortment comprises of four technical and technological units:
• Solid fuel (cookers, stoves and fireplaces, central heating stoves and cookers, boilers and charcoal oven)
• Pellet (central heating stoves, cookers, air stoves, boilers, Calux – premium brand)
• Electrical and combined products (electric oven, electric – gas oven, built in technique and electric boilers for central heating)
• Gas (stoves and gas boilers for central heating)
A long-standing experience in heating devices’ production and employee expertise result with placement of high-quality products with modern design. Products are in line with strict EU market demands in terms of occupational safety and maximum energy source use. Alfa-Plam places its product on the domestic (around 40%) and European markets (around 60%). Main export markets are former Yugoslavian republics (BiH, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Croatia), Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, Italy, Spain, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Austria.
Quality in the global market is proven through continuous improvement of all business segments. ISO standard compliance is one of the main conditions on the European market. Alfa-Plam’s quality management system complies to all standards, which have been consistently conducted:
· High-quality products and services
· Stale product development
· Higher market share
· Higher profit
· Easier performing of work assignments
Most of our products also comply to the strictest European standards, such as Ecodesign, BimSch, 15a-BvG, Flamme verte, Aria Pulita and others.
Following trends in business and market needs, Alfa-Plam is continuously enriching its assortment with new product, latest of which are conventional and condensing gas boilers, as well as electrical boiler for central heating.
By developing pallet of products operating on renewable energy sources, Alfa-Plam is meeting the demands of all consumers who follow trends and are environmentally conscious. Company has been producing solid fuel heating devices since 1968, while the pellet programme production started in 2008.