“Pionir” d.o.o- Company for Chocolate, Candy and Biscuit Production is one of the leading producers of confectionery products in South Europe with more than 100 years of tradition.

Pionir's headquarters is located in Belgrade, with production facilities in factories in Subotica, Zemun, Paracin and Prokuplje.

Pionir’s product range is produced in four factories, although the main production is situated in factory in Subotica, where most famous brands-Honey heart, Negro and Galeb chocolate were created. After investing in new production lines in 2008, factory in Subotica developed a series of new brands such as Vitanova, O la la! biscuits, Diamond chocolate and many others.

Another factory branch was built in Zemun in 2006, after the purchase of "Sweet Vision" d.o.o, a company specialized in confectionery programme and healthy food production. Following brands are produced in this factory: O'Clock cereals, Boom flips, Bread Chips, as well as chocolate dragées (Choco Waffers, Choco Hearts and Choco Pearls).

Factory in Paracin, with new production facilities and modern lines is specialized in Sun Mill wafers and Picanto crackers production, while wide range of high-quality jams and marmaladeis produced in “Hissar” Prokuplje, a company for fruit production and processing. Hissar's assortment is completed with desserts, pralines and cream products.