“Tourist World” ltd Belgrade, company for publishing, marketing, consulting and engineering, has been on the market for 15 years and has been a part of "Alco group" since 2004.

“Tourist World” is a publisher of similar expert magazine for contemporary hotel business and tourism, meant for professionals in tourist and hotel industry, corresponding economy, as well as for all travel lovers who can find the newest information from world and domestic tourist destinations, from hotel industry and restaurant business, with focus on management and quality, all in one place.

Apart from printed magazine “Tourist World” is also an author and owner of the first business portal in Serbia - www.turistickisvet-hotnews.com, meant for professionals in hotel-tourism industry. This is how it positioned as:

- Founder of Forum of hotel managers and housekeeping, which has been successfully organized in cooperation with Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Singidunum University, since 2002.

- Founder of unique award “Ambassadors of good service” for the most successful team among hotel households in Serbia;

- Organizer of numerous seminars for managers in hotel-restaurant industry with consultants of international reputation;

- Publisher of numerous expert manuals for hotel staff trainings, among which is a unique manual “HACCP in catering industry” and the only manual for five star hotel staff training “Efficient hotel household”, exclusive monograph “Serbian Royal Spas” and other expert editions;

- Founder of expert Association “Ambassadors of good service”, with a goal to contribute to development and improvement of quality standard in hotel-tourist industry and to make staff ready to work.

Projects are many, as well as challenges, because mission of “Tourist world” is to be media and business logistics for chosen, for people with vision in tourism, hotel and restaurant industry, which chose professionalism, knowledge and quality for their trademark and decided to be successful and above all-to last!